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The list of major artists who have employed Monalisa Young as a background vocalist is a long and impressive one; Billy Joel, Joe Cocker, Sheena Easton, and Aaron Neville are among the heavyweights she has worked with.

Since Monalisa has appeared on hundreds of tracks over the last three decades, the selection of songs below serves to demonstrate the diversity and range of Monalisa’s talents.

Lead Solor and Group Recordings
Partners in Pleasure

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“Partners in Pleasure”
Album on Quality Records
Lead Vocals

1. Partners in Pleasure

2. You Must Be Convinced

3. Don't Stop

4. Love In The Making (featuring Barry White)

5. I Still Love You

6. I Wasn't Looking For A Miracle

7. If You Could See Through My Eyes

Click Here to learn more about Monalisa’s “Partners in Pleasure” album.    [Download Album]

World Class Wreckin' Cru

“Rapped In Romance”
World Class Wreckin’ Cru

Album on Epic Records
Lead Vocals (Group)

1. Lovers

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Hot and Nasty

“Hot and Nasty” 
Album on Unidisc Records
Lead Vocals (Group)

1. Save This Night For Love

2. Midnight Fantasy

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Operaa House / Aria on Air

“Operaa House / Aria on Air” CD Single
Malcolm McLaren Presents World Famous Supreme Team Show
Album on Virgin Records
Lead Vocals (Group)

1. Operaa House 

2. Aria on Air

Click Here to learn more about Monalisa’s albums with the World Famous Supreme Team Show.


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Debut album on Motown Records
Lead Vocals

1. Never Can Say Goodbye

2. Dancin' Machine

3. Sweet Remedy

4. Knife

5. Bust My Bubble

Click Here to learn more about Monalisa’s “Knife” album.   [Download Album]

Jingles for Rick Dees Weekly Top 40

Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 (Jingles)
Commercial Radio Jingles
Lead Vocals

1. Rick Dees Jingles (15 Second Reel)


French Kiss - Panic

“Panic” by French Kiss
Album on Hot Productions
Lead Vocals

1. Panic 


David Benoit "Stages" album

“Stages” by David Benoit
Album on Rhino / Wea
Lead Vocals

1. Promise Me A Carousel


Background Vocalist Performances
Rhythm of Love

“One Boy Girl” by Kylie Minogue
Album on Mushroom Records
Background Vocals

1. One Boy Girl 

Published by Mushroom Music / Howlin’ Hits Music

I'm On Your Side

“Is It Love” by Jennifer Holliday
Album on Arista Records
Background Vocals

1. Is It Love 

Written by: Elliot Wolff and Oliver Leiber
Published by Elliot Wolff Music / Oliver Leiber Music (ASCAP)

Beverly Hills 90210 Soundtrack

“Bend Time Back Around” by Paula Abdul
Album on Giant Records courtesy of Virgin Records
Background Vocals

1. Bend Time Back Around 

Written by: Elliot Wolff
Published by Elliot Wolff Music / (ASCAP)

Head Over Heels

“Ho Down” by Paula Abdul
Album on Virgin Records
Background Vocals

1. Ho Down 

Written by: Elliot Wolff, Howie Hersh, Da’ Count, Paula Abdul, Robb Boldt, Jesse Greer, Irving Mills, Cab Calloway, Clarence Gaskill
Published by EMI Virgin Music / Elliot Wolff Music

Maked and Sacred

“Turn Around” by Chynna Phillips
Album on Capitol Records
Background Vocals

1. Turn Around


Dare to Dream

“Aria” by Yanni
Album on Private Music
Lead / Background Vocals

1. Aria 

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Original Song Samples
  • Elliot Wolff’s demo of “Turn Around” originally recorded by Monalisa and released commercially by Chynna Phillips.  Written by Stacey Piersa and Elliot Wolff.
    Published by Elliot Wolff Music (ASCAP)

  • Unreleased demo of “Even If” written by Elliot Wolff and Stacey Piersa.
    Produced by Elliot Wolff.

  • Unreleased demo of “You Lift Me Higher” written and produced by Elliot Wolff

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